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ABZÛ – First Impressions & Wrap-Up!

This post will contain spoilers near the end. I will mark them so readers who want to experience this journey for themselves can stop reading.


ABZÛ comes to us from the art director of the renown games, Flower and Journey. For those that aren’t familiar with those titles, Flower made use of the Six-axis on the PS3, as you played as a flower petal, moving along the wind to bring life to the world. A gorgeous and relaxing title with an amazing score. Journey saw us in a multiplayer setting, in which we are in a desert, and making a journey to a fallen star on a mountain top.

A scene in Flower depicting the movement on the breeze.

A scene in Journey depicting one of the many “sand-surfing” segments with your final destination in the background.

ABZÛ means “Ocean of Wisdom” and plays off its meaning very well. You begin as a lone diver, apparently stranded in the water. The opening scene of James Cameron’s Sanctum comes to mind. You awake and begin to explore the ocean. You can breach the surface, hold on to larger fish, find meditation statues, secret pools of fish, hidden seashells, and just generally enjoy a beautiful view of the ocean.

The controls took a bit of getting used to, but once you learn the little hidden things you can do, such as boosting, you can move around quicker and just have a lot of fun swimming around.

This game is short, but I would recommend picking it up for fans of Flower and/or Journey, or fans of scuba diving or the oceans. Normally it’s $19.99 USD, but right now it’s on sale for the Xbox One for $16.99 USD.






Alright, so while playing ABZÛ, I was so confused. I knew there were going to be ruins of an ancient city. What I didn’t expect was the utilization of underwater rivers in a technological standing to open doors. I started thinking, I must be in Atlantis. This was further pushed into my mind by giant mechanical doors.

That’s when I started to notice something in the murals. People looking just like the diver teaching people who looked slightly different. I started to think, alien race. Now, modern tech is modeled after them.

The further I pushed, the more my suspicions were confirmed. You find a destroyed upside-down mechanical pyramid. You watch as it creates machinations. That’s when you discover that you might be a robot. That gets confirmed shortly thereafter. Eventually you go to destroy the machinations and return life to the ocean.

Finishing ABZÛ, I have a lot of theories. The primary being that you were a mechanized race, come to show people technology and how to utilize the soul of the ocean. Something went wrong. Either they rebelled, or a catastrophe happened. I think it WAS Atlantis based on technologies and buildings you see, especially an entire city (looking like Jules Verne’s Atlantis from Journey to the Center of the Earth).

I also think that, seeing what happened to the ocean, you make amends by giving parts of your own technologically advanced soul, to bring life back to the area. To repair what your race damaged.

If you’ve played it, what are your thoughts? Theories?


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Tales from the Borderlands – Wrap Up!

The final episode of Tales from the Borderlands has been out for awhile now, so it’s time for another Wrap Up!

The last episode starts to wrap things up into a neat little bow by beginning the same way all good things do. Mass amounts of death and destruction. The opening credits play after the “prologue” of the episode, in which molten metal rains down onto Pandora.
Many characters have the potential to return, including Rhys’s best friend, Vaughn. During this episode, you get to see exactly what happens when you open the Vault of the Traveler. Not only that, but you get to assemble your own Vault Hunter team based on people we’ve met, in order to take down the Traveler and get into the vault. If you’ve saved enough money, you can get a professional Vault Hunter team.

Once the team is assembled, you go to help Gortys and come up with a plan. Two people actually go inside of the Traveler, while everyone else acts as a distraction. Gortys takes Rhys inside and gives control over to him. Gortys learns about the “finger-guns” that Hyperion used to resolve problems, and is suddenly able to shoot lasers out of her fingers.
Upon that realization, she picks up the rest of the Vault Hunters you assembled, and you basically become Voltron. Complete with color-coding each person’s space inside Gortys.

Gortys is able to utilize every person’s individual skill sets, including forming a boomerang shield (if you bring Athena). Upon vanquishing the Traveler, there is a really sad moment that can turn happy and funny, if you kept a certain object from the first episode.
After the moment passes, good or bad, it’s a race to the Vault! Rhys and Fiona have a footrace to see who gets there first, with possible touching moments both during and just after the footrace. (It’s fun to make Rhys feel awkward). The good news, you actually get to go inside the Vault of the Traveler! The bad news? There is only one chest, and I wont spoil what it is.

I have a few theories which I will mention in a new section I’ll be doing called “Spoiler Alert!” As the name suggests, don’t read them if you don’t want spoilers!

All in all, Tales from the Borderlands quickly became one of my favorite games, Telltale or otherwise. I was sad to see it end, but they pulled out all the stops for the final episode. I look forward to another season, or at least a follow-up game from Gearbox.


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