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Lara Vs. Croft Manor – A 20 Year Celebration.


The Rise of the Tomb Raider’s 20th anniversary has gone live! It’s available in multiple forms. You can buy the 20th Anniversary edition, you can be a Season Pass holder, or you can buy it individually. Not only does it include skins from previous Tomb Raider titles, but it includes new Co-op modes, a new “Lara’s Nightmare” mode, as well as a single-player story that takes place after the events of the primary game.

The single player story takes place in Croft Manor, and instead of combat, it’s focus is on Lara re-discovering her family home and trying to save it from falling into the hands of her uncle. Lara will rediscover her childhood, remember her father and mother, and even learn of secrets hidden away in the bowels of the manor.

Lara’s Nightmare takes place in the manor as well, and is similar to the Cold Darkness Awakened game mode, in which Lara fights infected in her nightmare inside the manor.

On top of all of this, if you play any version of Rise of the Tomb Raider by the 18th of October, you’ll be able to go to the in-game marketplace, head over to “Gifts” and get 100,000 in-game credits, just for playing during the 20th Anniversary Celebration week!

So dust off your copies, grab a friend and take on Rise of the Tomb Raider’s game modes together!


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Temple of the Witch – Wrap-Up!

Hey everyone! I know it’s been awhile since Temple of the Witch released, but I’ve been trying to think of how to talk about it. Click here for the full Rise of the Tomb Raider Wrap-Up if you haven’t read that yet.

So, the Baba Yaga DLC was a LOT shorter than I thought it would be. I was expecting your standard full expansion, massive new locations, etc. What we got, is exactly what we should have for this game. A new mission given by a Remnant. The Baba Yaga DLC was not meant as an post-game Expansion. It was made to be a mid-game mission and that’s exactly what it plays like.

I’m not saying I dislike the DLC, but I was disappointed in the fact that I guessed what was happening the instant I entered the Veil. 3 Hours later, it was confirmed. To avoid spoiling anything for anybody, I will not be giving spoilers in this post. It was an interesting spin on the Baba Yaga folklore, and it even talks about the origin and history of the Witch.

One of the best things about this DLC for me was the acting. The Remnant that gives you the quest for Baba Yaga is voiced by the same woman who voice Chloe in Life Is Strange. That may sound like I’m discounting the DLC as bad, but I’m not. I just really like the quality of acting is RotTR.
They recycled a few environments, which is fine. The Veil is a small location, but it’s a very interesting place and the history behind it, even more so. A new plant gets introduced that releases toxic spores into the air and it makes combat very interesting.

The new weapons/outfit added are pretty cool and come with a  few achievements attached to using them. Overall, the Baba Yaga DLC doesn’t add much other than an interesting side-mission in a, small, new location with a unique take on Baba Yaga herself. Definitely don’t wait until post-game to play this, otherwise it gets a little too easy, but play it around mid-game for the most enjoyment. I plan on doing that during my Survivor difficulty play-through.

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