Elite: Dangerous

So I picked up Elite: Dangerous last week. I’ve been playing it a lot and I’m really enjoying it. You have the entire galaxy to explore, but only about 900 of the 300,000 star systems are occupied, and they’re all in one area. That’s really all the bad news. The good news is, this game is great. I’m having tons of fun, even just choosing to be a space trucker. I’ve dabbled in bounty hunting and smuggling as well. Right now, I’m in the process of becoming a fuel rat, who are the people that rescue stranded pilots by giving them, you guessed it, fuel.

There really is a LOT to this game in occupied space, but in the scale of the galaxy, there isn’t much to do.

Before I do that, however, I chose to take on a personal journey. I will be visiting the center of the galaxy, which will take me about a month real time to get there and back in a lot of unoccupied space. I will be chronicling my journey for you through a series of role-played posts with images of my journey. Below is the first set:


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“The first leg of my journey into the big black empty is over. 42 jumps in and i’m roughly 1/25 of the way home. I’m travelling to the center of the galaxy and back. It’s empty out here. Wish I had some company on this voyage. Fly safe CMDR’s. o7.”

~ CMDR NoriYuki Sato | Heavy Metal King – Space Trucker.


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