Streaming Tonight!

Hey Gamers, I will be doing a live stream tonight and I will be playing Elite: Dangerous. I’ll be doing a live review during the stream. Elite Dangerous can be slow, but the entire Milky Way is at your disposal. The premise is, you complete pilot’s training, got a loaner ship, have 1,000 credits to your name, now go make a living.

If I get 25 viewers I will play it online for the very first time! That means I could get blown to hell and back by space pirates or accidentally caught in a combat zone, so tell your friends and watch me potentially get blown up!

The stream will be around 8:30PM Mountain Time. For reference, that’s 7:30PM Pacific Time, 9:30PM Central Time and 10:30PM Eastern Time.

Tune in to! Hope to see you there!


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