[Spoilers] The Solus Project: Game Preview – First Impressions! (Part Two)

Disclaimer: I apologize for the disarray of this post. It’s been awhile since I played the updated Preview, so please bear with me. I am doing my best to recount the events.


Welcome back to Gliese-6143-C, or, Galea.

We start off exploring a massive cave system. Here we see more eggs and even larger eggs. We learn about something that is like living smoke that shoots spikes out like a porcupine. They hate light and heat and will attack you if you have either out. The smoke creatures terrify me and kept me from exploring a section, because one glitched in a doorway.

We saw super creepy nightmarish dolls that follow you around and giggle like evil little minions trying to kill you. Honestly, it’s almost like they just want to play. Here we find out what The Sky Ones did to the people, and even the children. Forcing them in a room and then killing them. I’m beginning to think that The Sky Ones were going planet to planet “saving” people to harvest as food/energy for the planet/themselves. It’s almost as if they put the children’s souls into the dolls..

After the nightmarish hellscape that is the cave system, we finally make it outside to a new island. The island we travel to in this part of the preview, reminds me a bit of the Island from Lost. There is a giant foot from a statue and various structures lying around. There is also a giant structure we find that acts as a lightning rod. It ends up powering the entire island, and activates massive heaters that make you a nice and “cozy” 257 degrees. When activated, metal orbs fall from the sky and follow you like cameras.

As we make our way back to the massive cave system there are lots of areas to explore. We even find Varsa’s tomb, one of the humanoids who has always questioned the Sky One’s purpose. I thought the living being we’re following was Varsa. Maybe overthrew A’daar Suum, leader of the Sky Ones, during an uprising, of which you find heavy evidence. It turns out Varsa was killed in the uprising. This makes me terrified that we are actually following A’daar Suum himself. If that’s the case, we could be in very deep trouble. Whoever they are, they are clearly leading us somewhere.

We make our way back to the second Island where we found fellow astronaut Yuri dead in a cave. As we walk back in that direction, we now see his body strung up on metal posts like a trophy/warning. This all comes seconds before a U.F.O. flies very close overhead, scanning the area. It flies back and forth and I’m assuming it’s looking us. It eventually flies off, but then a giant orb lowers down from the sky. It leads us back into an earlier cave where a door was previously blocked by ice. The door is open thanks to the heat being turned on, but this is where the second part ends. We should be seeing the next part within the next 2 weeks.

I have questions that are burning away and I have no answers, yet. What is the purpose of the Living Smoke? As far as we know, they are created, and kill. That’s it. There must be a reason for them beyond causing havoc. My theory is that it has to be a way to harness energy/food based on the murals and writings.

It honestly feels like the next update will be the finale, even though we’re only about 1/4 of the way through right now. The way the second part ended just throws a lot at you, and I feel like it’s about to get a lot more dangerous for us.

I have to give major kudos and props to the team. The atmosphere, visuals, concept, sound, etc., all of it just keeps getting better and better.

I’m honestly beginning to get terrified of this place. I feel like I’m actually on Galea, and I want the nightmare to be over. I just want to go home..


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