The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing – First Impressions!

What is to be said about a Van Helsing game? Kind of a lot, but kind of not so much. It was not was I was hoping for.

I was hoping for a Sherlock Holmes meets Skyrim-esque game. Meaning, you have to investigate and hunt in an open world environment in order to find your prey. Ask around for rumors about new monsters, you know, traditional Van Helsing.
What we have instead, is a dungeon crawler. Now don’t get me wrong, this is not a bad game. It has it’s issues, but to me it’s mostly UI/ease of use issues. Things like inventory management/navigation, companion tactics trying to default to everything at once, and needing to reset them mid-battle so you’ll actually get assistance, things like that. More annoyances rather than actual bugs or glitches.

Van Helsing has no shortage of dark humor, nor does it lack in other references. If you look at a notice board, for instance, the mayor is looking for a lost magical ring, out of a set of 20, it’s the most powerful. It continues on with references, including a D&D reference.
This game takes itself seriously, while making fun of itself at the same time. You take on the role of Abraham Van Helsing, son of Van Helsing, in search of your father, as aid was requested of you, when they were unable to find him.

Your companion is the Ghost of Lady Katrina, and her and Van Helsing give each other a hard time constantly. The gameplay is pretty smooth, considering how often you get mobbed by massive groups of enemies. While playing Van Helsing, be prepared to die a lot. You can always respawn without needing to reload a save.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing is a fun game, the story and acting are all pretty solid. Graphically, it’s a dungeon crawler. You should never expect anything other than standard dungeon crawler graphics. You may deal with the odd glitch here and there, but it’s never anything game breaking, just minor irritations.

It’s definitely worth a play, and it’s free on Xbox’s Games With Gold for today and tomorrow. Get it while you can!


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