N7 Exclusive Loot Crate Unboxing!

Back on N7 day I ordered the N7 Exclusive Loot Crate. Well, it arrived yesterday, and due to technical difficulties, I was unable to upload until today. Now, there are a lot of pictures, so here’s everything that was in it.

  1. Charcoal N7 Stripe Hoodie
  2. Exclusive Mass Effect Sock Set (N7+Stripe and Paragon+Renegade)
  3. Mass Effect Volume 1: Redemption (Exclusive Cover Variant)
  4. Exclusive Volus Collectible Plush
  5. Exclusive Mass Effect Shot Glass Set
  6. Exclusive N7 Armor Stripe Backpack
  7. Exclusive N7 Car Emblem
  8. Exclusive Datapad Notebook

The Redemption comic is the full collection of the Redemption comic series, not just Issue #1. The shot glasses are N7 and the Afterlife logo. For everything else, see the pictures below!

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