Game of Thrones – Wrap up! (Spoilers)

It’s that time again! Game of Thrones Episode 6 has been released for a few weeks, and I’ve given people a chance to play it before doing this review as it contains heavy spoilers.











In Episode 6 – Ice Dragon, we wrap up the story of the Forrester family against the Whitehills. In my story, Asher Forrester became the Lord of the House, as Rodrick stayed behind to let him escape. I failed to gain the Targaryen army, as I allowed Beskha her revenge. That being said, I was able to gain the Pit Fighters, so the Forresters were not alone in their battle.

I chose to poison Ludd Whitehill at dinner, letting him think he’s won. When Lady Forrester went to drink the poison wine in the place of Asher, I chose to stop her, prompting an ambush attack against Ludd Whitehill. I killed his son, Gryff but Ludd escaped.
Chasing Ludd out into the town, our soldiers and people were under attack. When asked to either defend the gate or save the smallfolk, I chose to save as many of our people as we could. After all, what is a Kingdom if there are no people left in it. A kingdom can be rebuilt, people cannot.
We lost the gate and the Whitehill soldiers stormed in, killing all of the Pit Fighters. Beskha took Ryon and saved him by riding off, and Asher is about to die. The last words I chose to speak, Asher flashes a very smug and proud smile at Ludd Whitehill and says “Iron from Ice” one last time. Duncan, my sentinel, then pulls Asher out of the way, gets him on a horse and tells him to run, saying that this House needs a Lord to lead it, and only he (Asher) can lead them to victory against the Whitehills, so he must survive. Then you watch as Duncan dies so Asher can escape.

At the same time, Mira Forrester in King’s Landing, has been caught for the murder of a Lannister Guard. A very corrupt man who was doing business with Ludd Whitehill, tells Mira that if she marries him, gives him Ironwrath and full control of the Ironwood forest, and does her job of popping out heirs for him, he’ll let her live, and Tom, the coal boy, will take her place on the chopping block. I chose to tell him off, because I refuse to let Ironwrath fall to anyone.
I had lost all favor with Lady Margery and was dismissed from her service, and instead of spitting at the man when I was on the chopping block, I chose to stand tall and proud like a true Forrester, and accepted my punishment. Mira Forrester died in King’s Landing for murder, and refused to hand Ironwrath over to anyone but a true Forrester.

Far in the North, Gared Tuttle has finally found the North Grove. The North Grove lies under the watchful eye of the Ice Dragon, a constellation. Upon entering, they are taken captive, by two members of the Snow family. A brother and sister. My suspicions were correct about these two, and you find out that they are the bastard children of the late Lord Gregor Forrester, who was killed at the Twins in Episode 1.
He entrusted his bastards to defend the North Ironwood Grove at all costs. The brother is a Warg and shares his mind with a Polar Bear, and the sister controls the warriors of the North Grove. Something seems off about the warriors to Cotter’s sister and you come to find out, the sister Snow controls them via blood magic.
When Cotter succumbs to his wound, his sister asks you to give him Nightshade to end his suffering painlessly, while the sister Snow asks you to use his heart for blood magic instead, to defend the Grove. I chose to use his blood to defend the Grove, and when asked to either march to Ironwrath and help the Forresters or defend the North Grove, I chose to honor Lord Gregor Forrester’s last words of “The North Grove must never be lost” and stayed behind to defend it against what ever may come.

In the final scenes of Episode 6, Asher falls off his horse and Talia Forrester shows up with the former Master-at-arms turned traitor to House Forrester (due to the fact that he wasn’t my sentinel). I chose to spare his life, and in turn, he picks up Asher with Talia, and says that they will defeat the Whitehills as they may have won this battle, but the war is not over, and the Whitehills will fall to House Forrester.

So, it looks as if there will be a second season. That being said, only one Whitehill fell to my blade, Ludd escaped, but you are able to kill both of them. I ended up sabotaging my own plan to poison him, and in doing so, he managed to survive. The culmination of events in Episode 6 are intense. I truly feel this has been TellTale’s best work so far, when it comes to having options. Nothing seems like the right option, and when given a chance for revenge, if taken, afterwards you suddenly remember that Ludd has your brother Ryon, and will probably do to him what you did to Gryff.
I sincerely hope there will be another season. I have yet to have a chance to watch the Game of Thrones show, but I know a bit about the houses, and those who have not played TellTale’s Game of Throne won’t understand when I say, I am a Forrester.

Iron from Ice!



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3 responses to “Game of Thrones – Wrap up! (Spoilers)

  1. The game started slow, but got better as it went along. That said I wasn’t impressed by the abrupt cliffhanger ending. Your choices are similar to mine although I ambushed rather than poisoned (ends the same) and I got Moira to marry that sneaky merchant.

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