The Legend of Korra

The Legend of Korra video game was developed by PlatinumGames, the team that brought you the Baoynetta series, as well  the upcoming Scalebound, Nier and Star Fox Zero.

Legend of Korra takes place between seasons two and three of the TV show. Legend of Korra is a third person beat ’em up game with other bits to help break up the monotony. These include Pro-bending and Naga running through the streets. While gameplay might be lacking, the art style is actually kind of cool, the controls are very responsive and each bending technique is modeled right from the show. In the beginning you lose all your bending via Chi Blockers. You can still switch your bending styles, and Korra will use each individual martial arts style.

Legend of Korra only takes 4-6 hours to beat, but you can go back through every level for collectibles and to level up Korra’s bending. Pro-Bending mode is only available once you beat the campaign, and the higher Korra’s bending skills, the better the Fire Ferrets will perform in Pro-Bending, so it pays to go back through the campaign and level up, especially if you want to beat Pro-Bending mode on Ace difficulty.

Naturally, PlatinumGames threw in an Easter egg to fans of “My Cabbages!” and if you collect 10 cabbages (random drops from treasure chests) you get an achievement aptly called “My Cabbages!”
The Legend of Korra is only $15, which is actually a pretty fair price. They brought in the cast from the TV show for the voice actors, and even have animated cut-scenes that look like the animators of the show had a hand in. The Legend of Korra game actually does justice to its TV show counterpart, and is pretty fun if your just looking for a quick game with a unique style (or if you just want to play Pro-Bending).

The Legend of Korra is definitely a must have for fans of the show. Keep in mind that it does contain some spoilers from the end of Season 2 and is a lead-in to Season 3 of the show.


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