Spoiler Alert! – Tales from the Borderlands

In this segment of “Spoiler Alert!” I’m going to be talking about my theories for the end of Tales from the Borderlands.

As the name suggests, the “Spoiler Alert!” segments will contain spoilers, so do not read them unless you are ready for spoilers/to discuss the content of games and their endings in depth.

Tales from the Borderlands’ final episode starts us off by forcing the Hyperion Station down to Pandora. It also sees us open the Vault and has Gortys fight the Traveler and get destroyed by Fiona and Sasha if you fire the rocket launcher. I have no idea what happens if you refuse. Upon destruction, the Traveler vanishes with it’s vault.

Rhys on the other hand, is trying to rid himself of Handsome Jack, and Jack takes over his hand and tries to choke him, so Rhys impales his own arm and rips it off, then takes out the implant and rips out his ECHO Eye. You then have the choice to keep the eye, or destroy it.

We also discover that the person holding Fiona and Rhys hostage is none other than Loader Bot. After reuniting with friends, you get to put together your own Vault Hunting team, You can choose between anyone who is still alive, and if you have the money, you can even hire an undisclosed professional team.

During the fight against the Traveler, Fiona and Sasha go inside the Traveler to destroy it’s teleportation ability. Sasha decides to stay behind during the escape, because they are too far away from the explosives to detonate. Fiona escapes, Sasha blows the charges, and the team inside Gortys, aka Voltron, beat down the Traveler, and Vaughn uses the Hyperion Moonshot to destroy the Traveler once and for all.

After the dust settles, Rhys and Fiona go looking for Sasha in the rubble. Rhys finds her and Fiona has a few precious last moments with Sasha. Rhys starts crying and has a funny moment, hoping his tears will cure her. Sasha closes her eyes and her head drops to the side. She then states that she isn’t dead, but shallow breaths hurt less. Fiona hands her the gift Felix left her (if you keep it). It then picks her up and heals her fully.
After she is healed, it proceeds to drop her 10 feet to the ground, breaking her arm. She then spends a few minutes cursing whoever made something that just drops you like that. Once they reach the Vault, Fiona and Rhys, there is only one chest and upon opening it, a bright glowing light appears, it shines super bright, then Fiona and Rhys vanish, and the chest is empty.

My theory behind this WTF moment, is they either got transported to another location with the true vault, or, more likely, They became the new Traveler/Travelers. My reason behind the latter, is that the Vault of the Traveler is legendary. It travels various planets, not just locations on Pandora. If it’s so legendary, there is sure to have been a creature that killed the Traveler before. If that’s the case, then the Traveler is infinite, and something must always take its place. That’s the treasure of the Vault of the Traveler. Becoming the Immortal Traveler itself.

What do you guys think? Do you want Telltale to follow this up with a second season? Should Gearbox make a new Borderlands game that continues the story, or at least tells us what happened? What are some of your theories? Do you agree with mine? Let everyone know in the comments!


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