Life Is Strange – Wrap Up!

Life Is Strange Ep. 5 Polarized has been out for awhile now so it’s time for a Wrap Up! This is a segment I’ll be doing in place of a full review for episodic games.

Life Is Strange Ep. 5 Polarized is the culmination of events from the previous 4 episodes. Every choice you’ve made and everyone you’ve encountered has made some form of impact. Through certain events, you find yourself in the dark room with a certain person or people. Max uses her powers again to go back in time multiple times to try to fix things in multiple different ways.

Each time she goes back and fixes things, certain events still happen. When things go bad again, Max goes back to do things slightly different again. She eventually finds herself on the beach with Chloe, watching as the F6 tornado comes toward Arcadia Bay off the ocean. Max tells Chloe she’s going to fix things and tells Chloe to remind her of what she had told her a few minutes before. When Max comes back, Chloe does as she promised, and they start to head to the lighthouse, safe out of the tornado’s path.

While walking, Max starts to black out and you take a trip inside her head. Everything here starts to go completely haywire and you start to see the toll all of her sudden time travel has had on her mind. After a very trippy sequence of events, including a slowly walked timeline of all 5 episodes that include all the good and all the bad. Every decision you made comes back to haunt you.

When you snap out of it, you find yourself with Chloe at the lighthouse, trying to figure out what to do. At this point, you have a choice to make. It is the hardest choice this game has forced on you. It is also the final choice. I have only seen one of the endings so far and will update when I have seen the second, but the ending I chose was really hard to watch. Something gets said and something ends up happening that corrects time. Max uses her power one last time to fix things and put everything right.

With that ending, you should always remember: Certain events in the timeline are so important, they can’t be changed. Should someone interfere with that event, time will correct itself by any means necessary.

Across all 5 episodes, the writing, the characters, the dialogue and suspense put behind everything has kept my jaw dropping. Everything about Life Is Strange has been phenomenal. The story is amazing and heart wrenching, while being touching and kind at the same time. To me, the way the first ending happened, would be how they should have ended it if you didn’t have a choice.
What happens with this ending really sucks, and it’s the most heart-wrenching thing to happen in all 5 episodes. That being said, it was the only way to fix the timeline, once you realize what’s wrong.

Life Is Strange has been a rollercoaster of emotions with a very interesting tale of time travel, friendship, love, loss, betrayal, murder and mystery. I would give Life Is Strange a solid 4.7/5 as a whole. This is definitely a game everyone should play at least once.


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