Until Dawn – First Impressions!

Every Choice Matters. This should be the motto for the PS4 exclusive Until Dawn.

Until Dawn is a game all about the repercussions of your actions. Everything that you say or do can and will have an effect, either small or large. Until Dawn starts with a group of friends in a Ski Lodge on a mountain. You start as a girl and run out after your sister who ran off after a prank. This is where you first make choices. The quick path or the safe path. The path with footprints or the path where there is rustling.

Along the way you start to hear and see things that aren’t normal. For instance, what looks like a fire shooting in the distance. Certain events happen and the Prologue ends. One year later the group gathers back at the lodge again. Upon entering, you have the opportunity to discover a phone message that makes it sound like there is a killer loose on the mountain.
This part starts out with lots of drama among the group. Two people are sent out to go find a cabin along the path and get the power turned on. Well, these people get followed. No surprise, there is someone else on the mountain with you. Once again, certain events may or may not happen, and it switches back to the rest of the group.

After awhile, bad things start to happen. People may or may not die based upon your choices. Now, I only got though 5 chapters but every decision is stressful. Knowing that each choice could mean the death of you or someone else puts you on edge. At the end of Chapter 5, you end up following someone to an abandoned building, which you found out earlier is an old Sanitarium.

While I have not beaten this game yet, I do know that everyone can live, or everyone can die and everything in between. Not only is the a great game to play, it’s great to watch to see what other people say and do, and would make a great party game. Take votes on what to say/do, and during the quick sequences, the one holding the controller would be the split-second decision maker.

Each playthrough is as unique as the person playing it. Until Dawn is a true game about showing the consequences of your actions and words, both good and bad. The acting is top-notch, as is the game-play. You have to not mind QTE’s to play this. There is no true free-form combat. There is exploration, but combat and action sequences are done through QTE to force the sense of urgency and importance of life or death and quick paths or safe ones. Personally, I feel this does the game justice and makes it even better.
It pushes the stress onto you as the player/character, because you want them to live, and if you mess up, then there is a consequence. You could slip and fall to your death, an enemy could kill you. You might blow yourself up if you mess up the shot. It actually makes the game feel more realistic with the implementation of QTE’s.

Anyone with a PS4 or a friend with a PS4 should play this game at least once. It’s worth every moment you’ll spend on it. All of this, from the company that brought you LittleBigPlanet.


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