What is Gaming With Grayson really about?

I just wanted to take this moment to let you all know exactly what Gaming With Grayson is REALLY about.

Gaming With Grayson is about building a community to discuss games and gaming news openly, with as little bias as possible and I’d like you all to be a part of it.
I always encourage people to ask questions, give opinions and be active within this community. Whether that be with comments, sending me messages and asking questions, or sharing your own opinions with us. All of you make this community great.

Gaming With Grayson is a place where you can share opinions publicly without getting harassed or worry about flame wars. Here the goal is, for controversial opinions, to create an articulate debate without things getting out of hand. Obviously that means no flame wars or trolls. No question is a stupid question, no opinion is above or below another.

This community was created with the phrase “Be A Better Gamer” in mind. That doesn’t mean get better at video games. What that means is be the bigger person. If someone trash-talks, mute/block them and move on. If people are cheating, report them, leave the lobby and find a new one. Just don’t publicly announce it. Treat every gamer with respect.

These simple guidelines not only create a better gaming environment and help to improve various communities, they also are the foundation for the Gaming With Grayson community. Treat everyone with respect, if someone says something that bothers you, either respectfully inform them, or just move on. If there is a controversial opinion, be courteous and don’t flame. If you need to say something, counter their opinion with yours in a kind manner. Never call someone out for not knowing something you think everyone should know. Everyone has a different perspective and a different mind-set. Remember, not a single question, comment or request is stupid.

Live every day of your gaming life with these guidelines in mind. Be A Better Gamer. Gaming With Grayson is a nerdy gaming community with these values at our core. Be proud to be a part of it and please help keep the standards intact.

Welcome to Gaming With Grayson. Where the gamers gather.


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