Happy Halloween! (Important Update at Bottom)

Hey everybody, It’s that time of year again! Ghosts, ghouls, Slenderman…
That’s right! This is a First Impressions of Slender: The Arrival! So, I finally picked this game up, it’s on sale right now for $5 on the Xbox One if you want to pick it up. I have a few First Impressions I’ll be doing this week, as well as some game wrap-ups. What better way to kick off your Halloween than with Slender: The Arrival.

While I’ve only played the prologue, I know a bit about this game already. Slender: The Arrival is the full release of Slender: The Eight Pages. Because of my poor eyesight, I tend to play with brightness settings turned all the way up. That doesn’t help you one bit in the darkness of Slender.

You start off in the evening sun with clouds rolling in. You are in a forested hilly area on a driving path to a house. Your car is stopped in front of a fallen tree. You are using a camcorder to, well, record everything that is happening. The reason for this is that you are searching for your friend, Kate.
Take in this bright, gorgeous scenery while you can, because it doesn’t last long.
By the time you reach the house, darkness has set in. There are a few lights and lamps on inside the house, but a lot of it is pretty dark. Upon walking through the front door, you see drawings of Slenderman and trees on the wall. That’s the start of your problems. You need to find a flashlight, and honestly, yes. You NEED the flashlight. I made the mistake of walking into a dark room with the Gamma cranked, and all I could see was the faint light from the moon coming in through the windows.

Upon find the flashlight and opening a certain room, you notice a broken window with glass on the floor. You are also on the second story. Upon looking out the window, you get to see Slenderman in the back yard for about 2 seconds before he vanishes, creating an effect on the screen that look and sound like a sudden onset semi-blinding migraine. This effect happens every time he vanishes and reappears. I really enjoyed this, because it is actually fitting with the original Slenderman lore.

Naturally, you head out to investigate a possible trail from the broken window. You find information and articles throughout, one of which is about a farmhouse/barn that burnt down on the land some time ago along with a missing child poster. If you happen to find the burnt-out building and venture inside, you’re treated with a crying child who looks very zombie-like in appearance. If you interrupt him, he lashes out at you and causes a flash of an image before he vanishes.

The final section of the Prologue has words scribbled in large letters on the wall of a building that state “BRING ME LAUREN”. This is all fine and good, until you realize that you, are in fact, Lauren. Along the way you also find Journal pages left by Kate, in which you watch as her mental stability is declining rapidly.

Normally all this is fine and good, but the most unsettling thing about Slender: The Arrival, other than you can only see within the radius of your flashlight, is the fact that there is no music. Nothing to cue what Is about to happen. Walking through a pitch black house with no music and seeing Slenderman staring at you, then having to walk a path where he jumps around the hills and just watches you, gets really unnerving after about 10 minutes.

I have played many horror/survival games in my day, I try to play a new one every Halloween. This, by far, in just the Prologue, has been one of the most unnerving gaming experiences I’ve had since Fatal Frame.

If you are into gaming for the graphics, these aren’t bad, but not top-notch. The sound is pretty decent, the lack of music actually improves the experience. Lighting, obviously, is perfect for a horror game. The controls are pretty solid. The head-bob while running gets to be a little much, but makes sense when you remember you are literally playing through a hand-held camera, in which case, there is actually very little movement. (I refer you to compare Slender’s sprinting head-bob with Cloverfield).

Overall, as of the Prologue, Slender: The Arrival is fantastic and does it’s job very well. I look forward to playing the rest of this game and giving you guys a Slender wrap-up in the coming weeks.

Comment with what you guys want next! We have a Wrap-up of Life Is Strange with the final episode, Polarized. We have a Wrap-up of Tales from the Borderlands with its final episode, The Vault of the Traveler. We  have the review of Metal gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and we have a First Impressions of Until Dawn! That’s right, my first PS4 review! Let’s hear it, folks! The whole point of this blog is to cater to what the people want to hear, so voice your opinion in the comments below!

UPDATE: So I have run into a major glitch in Slender. I am no longer able to log in to my profile to continue my saved game. I have contacted about the issue and will update again once it’s been resolved. Until that point, be warned. I completed the Prologue and can’t sign in to continue.


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