Rainbow Six: The Siege Closed Beta

Hi there, This post may be a bit misleading and I will get to the Beta in a moment, but first, I would like to let all of you know that I am participating in Extra-Life, once again. If you don’t know, Extra-Life is an orginization that fundraises money for Chidren’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

As a participant, I play video games for 24 straight hours, and people donate to my fundraising page. All donations are tax exempt, and you are more than welcome to obtain a tax reciept.

Now for the Beta. All doners that donate $6 minimum get access to the Rainbow Six: The Siege Closed Beta this September. So not only do you get access to a closed beta, but you get to know that you are helping to save a child’s life.

Also note, my personal goal is $1000. Anyone who donates $15 or more, gets their name (or screen name) written on my Extra-Life gaming shirt. $50 or more, you get a special shout-out every hour, plus your name on the shirt. If you and your friends/family help me surpass my goal, I will get a tattoo of the Extra-Life 2015 symbol.

I will be broadcasting on Twitch for the entire 24 hour gaming session. That link will follow a bit closer to the broadcast date, however, donations are accepted year-round.

If you want to donate, head on over to:


When there, just click the Donate button right next to my name. You can also donate less than $6 or anything higher or inbetween with the “Other Amount” option.


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