Beyond Eyes

Who doesn’t love a good, captivating Indie Game? Especially when that game is the exploration-based Beyond Eyes, where you play a 10 year-old girl named Rae, who lost her sight. Beyond Eyes was developed by Tiger & Squid and published by Team 17. (The guys behind Worms and Alien Breed).

In Beyond Eyes, your world is nothing but white. You start by get glimpses of what’s around you by sounds. Then Rae gets up and starts to walk. While walking, the world around you fills in based on where you go and what you smell, hear and touch. Everything you’ve already “seen” stays when you continue forward, allowing you to look back and see this beautiful world.

The reason behind Rae’s journey is to find a cat that she’s been playing with all year, and one day, this cat, Nani, stops showing up to play. While travelling to find Nani, Rae encounters many things; people, cars, flowers, fresh bread, dogs, etc. Some things she encounters are good and happy, but others terrify her, forcing her to either face her fears, or find another way around the obstacle. Other times, Rae’s disadvantage glares at you and forces you to use your memory to find your way in a sea of white.

While Beyond Eyes may be short in length, its slow-pacing, gorgeous environments, and true captivity of Rae’s disability and how she views the world more than makes up for the less-than-average game length.

In a world painted entirely in white, Beyond Eyes paints Rae’s world into vivd, living watercolor in a very unique style, the likes of which have not been done before. Tiger & Squid pioneered an amazing vision that will pave the way for what will, no doubt, be a new standard in Indie exploration games.


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