Elder Scrolls Online: Imperial Edition (And Announcement)

Here it is, folks! The Elder Scrolls Online: Imperial Edition! This set include the lovely box, a steel case with the game disc, a physical map and the Imperial Edition Upgrade codes (Including the Explorer’s Pack), The amazing Molag Bal statue, which will go nicely with my Alduin statue from Skyrim’s Collector’s Edition, and a hidden gem. The ‘Improved’ Guide to the Empire. That book include “hand-written” notes and updates from the author about adjustments to be made to the current guide.

Now for the announcement: Tonight, July 4th, I will be doing another Twitch Stream! For those of you who are recluses like me and aren’t going anywhere or participating in firework or BBQ events, join me for the streaming! It will be taking place at 9:00 PM Mountain Time!

Just head on over to http://www.twitch.tv/noriyuki_sato to tune in!


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