Fable Legends

Fable Legends allows you to join with up to 3 other players as heroes against another real player who portrays the villain.

This game has been somewhat elusive from the public eye and has just had a huge revelation. Game Director David Eckelberry started that Fable Legends will officially be Free-To-Play for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC gamers!

Now, Free-To-Play has had several meanings lately. Warframe, free to play, but in order to get anything extra, requires in-game Platinum which costs real money to obtain. Happy Wars is FTP in almost a true sense of the phrase. You can buy your way to better gear faster, or earn it the old fashioned way. Same goes for World of Tanks, except certain items must be bought with real money.

Free to play for Fable Legends means the following:

  • Lionhead Studios will be open with Fable Legends. That means you can play every story, every quest and experience every bit of the game, 100% for free.
  • They are also going to be Fair. This means that everything that can affect the game can be earned. Everything that affects your power level, your abilities or makes you stronger, you have to earn. According to David Eckelberry, “…if you want a high level character, that’s great, you have to earn it.”
  • Also, they are going to be generous. This means that they are going to have things you can purchase with real money, IF you choose you want to support them for making a great game that you love. They want everyone, most of all, to be happy and enjoy Fable Legends.

Feel free to watch this amazing announcement for yourselves!


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