October just got a little less crowded.

So, as some of you may know, October is a crowded month for games, and a tough month for the wallet as a result.

On October 7th(NA) we have Alien: Isolation, Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor and originally Dragon Age: Inquisition. October 14th we have The Evil Within and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. October 21st we have Evolve, Samurai Warriors 4, Just Dance 2015 and originally Battlefield: Hardline. On October 28th we have Assassin’s Creed Unity, Lords of the Fallen and Sunset Overdrive. We also have a general October release date for Bayonetta 2.

That’s a huge list for one month in gaming, and those are just the bulk of the titles for October. There are some I left out. So far there are 23 that are set for October launches. There were 25, and those missing two are what we’re going to talk about.

Both Battlefield: Hardline and Dragon Age: Inquisition got pushed back this week. DA:I was pushed to a (hopefully) definitive November 18th launch. That’s not too bad. One extra month for better QA, smoother gameplay, more options, better environments, more interactive free-roaming and just a general better experience. I can accept that, and wait an extra month to share the unboxing of the Inquisitor’s Edition with you guys.

Now to the one a lot of people will be upset about. Battlefield: Hardline was pushed back to an unknown date. All we have right now is Early 2015. That being said, Visceral took all the feedback from the Alpha/Beta tests, and is giving a better multiplayer, while pushing the innovation, to make this the best Battlefield experience to date.

Visceral, as some may remember, is the company behind the Dead Space series, so we know the campaign is actually going to be good, while the online experience will be retaining everything we love (and more) about DICE’s multiplayer experience.

The official reasons stated for pushing back the launch to 2015 are:
       Multiplayer Innovation
       Single-Player Story Depth

The last thing they want is another Battlefield 4 launch. That being said, DICE is still dedicated to improving and innovating Battlefield 4’s experience. DICE isn’t giving up on Battlefield 4, and they are helping improve Visceral’s experience based on feedback and the Battlefield 4 experience.

DICE is not actually developing the multiplayer this time around. DICE is collaborating with Visceral, but in a support role, rather than a full cooperative role.
Visceral was the company that made the End Game DLC in Battlefield 3, and a lot of the devs from Visceral actually worked on Battlefield 4 development, so they do have experience with the franchise.

Its looking more and more like Battlefield: Hardline will be the first in a spin-off series of the Battlefield franchise.

In other news, EA has confirmed that Dead Space 4 WILL happen, they are just unsure of when. They stated that Dead Space continues to be a very important IP in their company, and they look forward to the development of a new title in the series.

So, 23 games releasing in October, (as of this post, 7/23/14), Dragon Age: Inquisition and Battlefield: Hardline were both pushed back for good reason and Dead Space is still alive (insert Not-So-Dead Space pun here).


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