The Wolf Among Us



*VERY Minor Spoilers ahead for those who haven’t played The Wolf Among Us*

If you’ve never played The Wolf Among Us, it’s a story about the Fables we all grew up with. The story of Red Riding Hood, Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, etc., only now, it’s After Happily Ever After, and they’ve moved from the homelands, into New York City.
You play as Sheriff Bigby Wolf, if that sounds familiar, that’s because you’re the Big B. Wolf, trying to be the protector of all the Fables. Seems strange for the Big Bad Wolf to be a good guy, but this is a long time after the Fable stories, things have changed.

You encounter a lot of familiar Fables in very different situations. One of the recurring characters is the Woodsman. He tells you something at one point that sheds new light on why he is the way he is now, and the true story behind Red Riding Hood.

You find out that Happily Ever After, doesn’t apply when the story is over and life goes on. Then, everything goes south. Deaths occur and you are always one step behind the killer when you get a new revelation. You think you can head them off, and they still manage to outsmart you. New characters get introduced to both sides of the Fabletown war, and new revelations arise that make you hate certain friends, and like certain enemies.

The story is very compelling with twists and turns along the way. Sometimes you think you know the revelation, and you’re right, but you’re also way off. So you never really know what’s around the next corner. The Wolf Among Us also lets you choose where you go for your investigation first. When you go to one place, everything might be destroyed or missing when you get to the next. Maybe you just missed the guy you were after because you didn’t go there first.

*VERY Minor Spoilers end here*

The control system is the same as The Walking Dead Seasons 1 & 2. If you haven’t played those games, it’s a type of point and click Action-Adventure. You walk around and examine objects in your environment and talk to people. You get to choose which things you say with a time limit on your choices, meaning you have to pick before the time runs out. You also get to be active during the combat scenarios with QTEs (Quick Time Events).

The style isn’t for everybody. Its Cell-Shaded graphics style, Point and click Action-Adventure gameplay with QTEs, but a very compelling and unique story that gets more interested and in-depth the further you go, and the voice acting is nothing short of astounding.

The Wolf Among Us, just like The Walking Dead Seasons 1&2, deserves a playthrough of at LEAST the first episode, or play the trial at the very least.


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