We’re watching you. – Why Watch_Dogs was pushed back.

After the last post, you may be wondering why Watch_Dogs was pushed back from Holiday of 2013. The answer is, they wanted to make their game perfect. They are a new studio making a brand new IP with things that have never been done on this kind of scale before.

They had a game that was ready for Holiday of 2013, but it wasn’t perfect. They wanted to polish it, and Ubisoft agreed that they needed more time to make it perfect. The devs then set their deadline for Spring of 2014. After a few more months of polishing, adding, testing, adding, polishing and fixing, they finally had their game.

Some of you may have been upset that it was pushed back for so long, but if it wasn’t you’d have a sub-par game from a new company and it wouldn’t go anywhere. So now, you guys will have an amazing game that will leave it’s mark on the game world and start a brand new concept that I’m sure we’ll see from here on out.

This new company did something that more companies need to start doing. They said “it isn’t perfect, we need more time” They were willing to admit, it can be released, but it shouldn’t be. Praise this new company for doing things right, don’t ridicule them for making you a better game.

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