Let the Games Begin!



I figured I would start games off with Kinect Sports Rivals. A great exclusive title and a fantastically fun game.

KSR was made by reknown Game Developers Rare. You may know them as the creators of Perfect Dark, or even the infamous BattleToads! (A Gamestop exclusive pre-order outfit of BattleToads is available and is fantastic). Rare’s new scanning software plots 86 points on your face. It can register a wink, blinking, small muscle movements and facial features.

Upon the initial render, it scans your entire body, then takes a close up of your face. It registered that I had glasses, asked me to remove them for the scan, talked me through it, then had me put them back on. The scanning software actually got my face VERY close to what it actually is, including my facial hair. The color of my hair was a touch off because of the light in the room, other than it, it was as close as the options would allow, including length of my hair.

On to the important things, the gameplay is super fun, if a touch buggy at times. It’s a Kinect game, it’s to be expected. This game gets right what every other Kinect game has gotten wrong. It registers when you open and close your hand. Alright, I’m starting to gush like a giddy school girl about the awesome new features the Kinect 2.0 and Rare’s scanning tech can do.

Back on track, KSR has a variety of game modes, including; Bowling, Tennis, Soccer, Rock Climbing, Wave Racing and Target Shooting. The Soccer game is the buggiest of all of them and it’s not even all that bad. Just some trouble registering at times. An update is out that I haven’t had the chance to check out yet, so it may be fixed now (or at least better).

Tennis is pretty fun, also pretty easy, unless you’re trying to serve. It doesn’t like to register my serving, thankfully you don’t lose points for failing a serve, you just start the serve over.
Bowling is surprisingly fun, it registers when you spin the ball, when you toss to the side a bit, it registers everything like physics do in the real world, it’s fantastic.
Rock Climbing is my favorite game mode. It feels like you’re actually climbing, you can’t go too fast because it has a bit of trouble keeping up with super speeds, that being said, you can still go a bit fast. You can take a risk and even jump up towards the next section to save a few seconds, or you can pull people ahead of you off the wall.
Wave racing is pretty fun, too. This is the only one you can play sitting down or standing up. This is where it registers when you open and close your hand. You actually turn like you turn on a wave racer. You lean into turns, you let go of the gas (open your hand) and punch it (close your hand) while turning for tight turns, you can even do some tricks off the jumps.
That brings us to Target Shooting. This is an interesting one. You compete, as normal, and you need to be the person with the highest score. There is also a little stun gun that can stun your opponent and keep them from getting a higher score.

Now, when you play against the “AI” you actually play against uploaded avatars. You play against “real” people even though it’s a single player/couch competitive game. That’s pretty awesome.

Upsides to this game? Well, pretty much everything, honestly. It’s awesome fun for everybody, and it has something for every player.
Downsides? it can be a little buggy at times by not registering exactly what you were doing. Those moments don’t happen too often, and even when they do, it’s really not that bad.


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