Back On The Air.

Don’t you just HATE it when commercial breaks last forever like that? When it feels like almost an entire year before you get back to what you were watching? Well, the really really, ridiculously (good looking) long commercial break is finally over and Gaming With Grayson is back on the air!

Now that we’re back, I’d like to say, sorry about that. Life happens. Thanks for sticking with it for so long, and I hope you keep reading.

I decided in my absence to purchase an Xbox One. I will update you on their new policies, as well as touch base on the Survival Horror issue again. This, of course, is just for starters. We will also be reviewing games (Primarily on the Xbox One, but I still have my 360 so we may jump back into the vault if people want).

Once again, this page is meant so you can ask me to give my thoughts on something, or let me do the research for you! Feel free to jump over to our Facebook page as well!

Alright folks, we’ll be seeing you again VERY shortly, so stay tuned for the next episode of Gaming With Grayson!

(Will he ever quit with the tv show thing?)


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